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after a long absence from blogging I am back.
This time we will give you your MMS capabilities on your Samsung Windows Phone 7 device back, even if you are not on one of the exclusive networks which were launch partner of Samsung.


  • Samsung WP7 device (Omnia 7, Focus)
  • Sideload capability on device (either via MS, $99/year, or ChevronWP7, free)

What this tool does:

Exactly like the original Samsung app “Network Profile” this little xap let’s you select the correct profile (APN, MMS, etc) for your network. In addition it allows you to enable “auto profile selection” even if this functionality is blocked by your provider. Auto selection requires just a restart. No reset required, never!

We did successful tests with this tool on the following networks: Swisscom and AT&T. Please leave a comment if you were also successful on a different network.

Here you can get it:

Click here (hosted on

Screenshots (from an older version):


Bluethooth address and Sales Code was removed in the later version. Please use Samsung diagnostic to get this information.

Thanks to the ChevronWP7 guys. The guy who made the Network Profile xap available and all the other guys currently trying to find a way around the limited WP7 API.

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