.net: You got the source, now grab it

You know the pity: You’re once again working on the train and have only a lousy HSDPA or UMTS connection but right a this point in time you would need to debug into the .net source code. You are actually able to get the source code since MSFT released it on 1/16/2008 but in this case your connection is to slow to grab ~10 MB of source files.

Two guys posted a .NET Source Code Mass Downloader on codeplex which might help you in those cases. The mass downloader enables you to download the .net source code while you are on the company’s network. After you’ve once downloaded the source there is no longer any need to download the files for every new debug session separately. Mission accomplished: You can debug into the source on the train even without any connection :)

Thanks to Kerem Kusmezer and John Robbins for releasing such a wonderful tool.


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